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Faust Cabernet Sauvignon: Our Latest Obsession

Bottle and glass of Faust Cabernet Sauvignon at Fleming's Steakhouse.

Faust Cabernet Sauvignon is our latest obsession. This red wine out of Napa Valley is so delicious we can’t get enough of it.

We enjoyed a Faust at Fleming’s Steakhouse in February before the shutdown. This was Fleming’s closing night in Chicago. We are so sad this fabulous steakhouse decided to close its doors because there is just too much competition in Chicago. We’ve celebrated lots of birthdays and enjoyed many wine dinners at this location. Well, now this beautiful space is turning into a CVS. I digress…back to the wine.

Faust Characteristics & Ratings

Cabernet is known for its deep biting tannins and that makes it perfect to wash down a juicy steak. This Cabernet has more of a silky tannin which is something I prefer. My partner in crime is all about strong flavors and tannins, but he is loving this wine. Faust has a deep rich flavor with blackberry notes. It has a full body and a nice balance of acidity and those tamed tannins.

James Suckling, Wine Critic, gives the 2017 release a 92 point rating. These are the winemakers tasting notes:

The 2017 Faust Cabernet is a blend of our estate vineyards in Coombsville and Rutherford and mountain sourcing in Atlas Peak, Mount Veeder and Howell Mountain. Intense yet fresh with juicy blue and black notes. Notes of dark chocolate and dried herbs seduce the palate while silky tannins and lifting acidity leads to a layered and lingering finish. - Faust Winemaker

Faust Experience

We enjoyed Faust again with some friends right before the shutdown. And I mean right before. The restaurant was already seeing a fraction of their usual customers. We enjoyed sushi to start, then followed it with beautiful steak dinners paired with this delicious Faust Cabernet Sauvignon. Our friends thoroughly enjoyed it. It's always fun to share the love of a great wine with great friends.

Faust Connection

By now you may be wondering if this Faust wine has any relation to the play and opera. And you would be right. For a little background, this explanation from Wikipedia says it all.

Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust. The erudite Faust is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil at a crossroads, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. - Wikipedia

The Faust wine brand also offers Cabernet labeled The Pact, The Lure, The Hour, and The Damned. These are all named for different acts of the Faust play. Each wine showcases Cabernet from different vineyard sites in Napa Valley.

Purchase Faust

There are many ways to get your hands on a bottle of Faust Cabernet Sauvignon. Check out these options.

I hope you'll check out this wine and become as obsessed as we have. Prost!


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