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What’s in Your Glass? Wine and Garden Walk

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Group of people toasting with red wine.

We are rolling out a new series on Common Grape called: What’s in Your Glass? This is all about sharing YOUR wine experiences with fellow Common Grapers!

  • Share a new wine discovery that you can’t get enough of.

  • Share fun wine experiences you’ve had with friends (even virtual experiences).

  • Share wine tastings and the wines that came out on top.

We want to hear what you’re drinking and what wine experiences you’re creating! Go to this link to share -- What's in Your Glass?

We’ll let you know if your experience is selected to be featured on Common Grape.

Wine and Garden Walk

To kick off the series, we have our first wine experience that comes from some friends. Given the current need to social distance, these ladies put together a Wine and Garden Walk. What a fabulous idea!

These ladies set up their Wine Walk similar to a Progressive Dinner. The ladies walked to each home where they enjoyed appetizers, wine, and beautiful summer flowers in their yards. What a great way to be social, experience wine, and social distance.

One of the wines they tasted was Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc. This wine comes from Sonoma California and has a rating of 91 from Wine Critic Wilfred Wong.

For the tasting notes, we decided to take a different approach. Instead of going full-on with wine critic-style tasting notes (which is something that takes time to truly accomplish), I provided descriptions of typical wine styles. Their goal was to taste the wine and identify which wine style best described the wine. Here are the White Wine Style descriptions.

White Wine Styles:

  • Dry & Crisp: refreshing, bright, citrusy

  • Dry & Fragrant: crisp, citrusy, aromatic

  • Sweet & Fragrant: rich, fruity, aromatic

  • Rich & Creamy: oaky, buttery

The ladies selected “Dry & Crisp” as the best match to the Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc. Turns out Dry & Crisp is the typical style for a Sauvignon Blanc. Great job ladies!

The winemakers tasting notes describe this Sauvignon Blanc as rich and complex with flavors of fresh melon, fig, and lime.

Winemaker note breakdown: The citrusy flavors in the wine are what gives it that “Crisp” component of the wine style. At the same time, Sauvignon Blanc has no residual sugar which aligns it with the “Dry” element of the wine style.

The ladies gave the wine an overall rating using this handy rating system.

Wine and Garden Walk: Wrap Up

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your wine event with us!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Share your wine experiences with us. We want to know about your latest wine obsession or revealing wine tasting. All you have to do is share some information about your experience using this link. We all want to know – What’s in Your Glass?


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