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Where demystifying wine is made simple!


Certified with Distinction through Napa Valley Wine Academy and Wine & Spirits Educational Trust in London.

I’m Stephanie, creator of Common Grape. I love wine and yet it can be so overwhelming. It's challenging to know what to buy, what we like, and how to pair it with food. There has to be a simpler way!

I’ve spent my career in marketing making sure that consumers had the right information to make a buying decision. Of course, we tried to make the packaging and copy as enticing as possible. We’re a little competitive that way.

This is why the wine industry fascinates me. The packaging, labeling, and tasting notes are beautiful, but not ideal for those new to wine. At the same time, it’s very challenging to describe what something tastes like. Combine all of that with the fact that the wine industry has been around for ages before a global economy and modern marketing. The labeling and certifications were all established on a regional level (I’m talking about you France, Italy & Spain), making it challenging to understand today.

Luckily, we are starting to see the tides shift in this industry with more consumer-friendly labeling and innovations to identify what tastes we prefer. It’s exciting to see these changes, but I’ve found another way to short cycle the learning curve.

After years of educating myself on all things wine, I’ve distilled that lengthy process into a much simpler way to learn about wine. Now you can quickly become an expert without needing to invest all the time that I did!

The process is simple, it’s time to push aside the thousands of grape varietals out there and focus on the top 7 grapes used for making wine. These are called the 7 Noble Grapes. Focusing on these 7 is a great place to build a foundation.


Use the resources on this website and you'll be able to: 

  • Learn about a range of white and red wines.

  • Understand typical wine characteristics.

  • Learn about top regions that produce these wines.

  • Take self-guided tastings.

  • Taste the difference between each style.

  • Identify what you like and don’t like.


By simplifying the focus and understanding a few basics, you’ll be able to select a great wine at the store or at a restaurant with confidence.

Interested in getting started?! Visit the 7 Noble Grapes page. It's the best place to begin. I hope you find these resources helpful and if there is anything you want to know more about, just contact me through the button below.

Cheers! And Enjoy!

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