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Sip & Learn Wine Tastings 101

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Learn while you sip!

Become familiar with more wine styles and brands.

Learn how to compare and contrast different types of wine.

Learn how to taste wine so that you can identify why you like it (or don't like it).

Learn how to identify primary flavors and aromas in wine.

Learn how to take wine notes so that you can remember the wine and what you liked about it.

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Sip & Learn Wine Tastings 101

A DIY Tasting Experience!

What you'll get...

6 Wine Tasting Mats: step-by-step guidance to compare and contrast the most popular wines

6 Tasting Mat Cheat Sheets: compare your responses and learn the typical wine characteristics

5's of Wine Tastings: learn a tried-and-true method for identifying wine characteristics

Aroma & Flavor Guide: helps you identify primary aromas and flavors typically found in wine

Wine Recommendations: affordable, easy-to-find wine to use in your 6 tastings (with links to to make it even easier)

Tasting Notes: capture your wine tasting experiences to remember what you liked and why

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