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Wine & Food Pairing Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to pair like a pro?

Remove the mystery with this easy-to-use
step-by-step guide.

Create Outstanding Pairings!

You don't have to be an expert to create memorable pairings. With a little guidance you'll know how to pair wine with nearly any menu.

It's Time to Simplify Wine Pairing!

Access the Wine & Food Pairing

Step-by-Step Guide

for just $12


Includes the Food Pairing Basics with a focus on the most important elements of food pairing.

Includes a Pairing Tool that easily guides you through those not-so-easy food combinations. 

Includes a Step-by-Step Pairing Guide that walks you through 1) menu planning, 2) identifying your perfect pairing, and 3) selecting quality + value wine.

Bonus #1: Mini Taste Test

Experience why certain food and wine pairings work and others don't with this Mini Taste Test.

Bonus #2: Top Regions + Value Brands

Nail your wine selections with this list of top-quality wines that don't break the bank.

Bonus #3: Wine & Food Classic Pairings Cheat Sheet

Reference classic pairings quickly with this cheat sheet.

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