Holiday Wine Guide

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Wine bottle on it's side surrounded by festive holiday decorations.
Photo by: Graphixchon

The holidays are here! Make the most of it by bringing your family and friends together to create those cherished memories once again!

It wouldn't be the holidays without a beautiful meal paired with heavenly wine. This Holiday Wine Guide is full of inspiration for delicious wine pairings at each stage of your meal from appetizers and dinner to dessert.

Appetizers and Wine Pairings

As you prepare your appetizer line up, consider starting with a light white or light red wine, and then move to a heavier wine for the main meal. This naturally prepares your palate for the next course.

Below you'll find appetizer pairings based on the wine you plan to serve. If you plan to start out with Sauvignon Blanc, then check out the appetizers in Line Up 1. For Oaked Chardonnay, check out Line Up 2. For Pinot Noir, see the appetizers in Line Up 3.

Line Up 1: Sauvignon Blanc and Appetizer Pairings

(Also, look for Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé from France. Both are made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape.)

This wine works well with seafood, green vegetables, and light-colored cheeses because it is a light wine with a high level of acidity. Just make sure to stay away from creamy sauces, which pairs better with an oaked Chardonnay because it's a rich, buttery wine.

  • Shrimp cocktail

  • Oysters

  • Ceviche: (festive red and green in this recipe)

  • Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto:

  • Goat cheese stuffed mushrooms: (Goat cheese is the key with this pairing.)

  • Cashews and pistachios

  • Cheese tray with light-colored cheeses: Goat Cheese Gouda Sharp Cheddar

Line Up 2: Oaked Chardonnay and Appetizer Pairings

An oaked Chardonnay is a full-bodied wine with toasty, buttery flavors that pairs well with creamy sauces and earth