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A Delicious Pinot Noir and a Perfect Pairing

A bottle of Four Graces Pinot Noir next to salmon on a cedar plank.
Pinot Noir paired with salmon on a cedar plank.

We enjoyed this delicious Pinot Noir from The Four Graces Winery with grilled salmon on a cedar plank, a perfect food pairing.

The Pinot Noir grape grows really well in cool climates like that of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This is where you’ll find The Four Graces Winery along with many other wineries that focus on Pinot Noir.

This used to be a more laid-back region to visit and do wine tastings, but the more acclaim the area gets the fancier it’s becoming. It’s still worth a visit, once things start to open up again.

One of the most perfect food pairings for Pinot Noir is salmon. The light red wine with high acidity pairs so nicely with the fatty salmon. Then add the smoky cedar plank and you’ve got some delicious earthy flavors that meld with the earthy, oak aged Pinot Noir.

Doesn’t this sound delicious as the weather turns cooler? Keep those grills out and enjoy this perfect pairing.

The Four Graces is one of my favorite wineries, but it is small and you may not be able to find this in your local wine shop. Just head over to and order a couple of bottles. This is an affiliate link which means Common Grape will earn some coins if you click and make a purchase. Your cost is the same with or without the link.

Cheers, and Enjoy!


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