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An Interesting Pinot Noir from Austria

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Pinot Noir is so popular and produced around the world, but have you tried a Pinot Noir from Austria? It’s always fun to experience wine from new and different regions.

I was recently at a fun and funky restaurant called Alchemy in North Carolina. We tried several of their small plates. This restaurant really knew what they were doing, combining wonderful flavors to create a memorable experience. They could go up against the world-renowned Chicago restaurants that we love and probably take for granted, living so close to them.

Choosing Pinot Noir from Oregon or Austria

As we figured out our game plan for wine, taking into consideration the variety of flavors from the small plates, we decided to order a Pinot Noir. It’s one of the best types of wines to cover a variety of foods and flavors. We originally wanted to stick with our favorite region for Pinot Noir– Willamette Valley, Oregon. But we were intrigued by a Pinot from Austria and decided to go for it. We selected the Anton Bauer Pinot Noir produced in Wagram, Austria.

Offering Wine Options to Explore

The sommelier explained that he wanted to offer the tried and true Willamette Valley Pinot, but wanted to balance the list by throwing in a bottle from a little-known region for Pinot. A great approach to the wine list, giving diners options to explore.

Austrian Pinot Noir - Reaction

We were so thrilled with the bottle of Anton Bauer Pinot Noir. It was a crisp, refreshing Pinot with fantastic flavors of cherry and strawberry and a nice level of oak giving notes of vanilla and toast. It was so delicious! And paired perfectly with our variety of foods.

Keep your eyes out for Pinot Noir from Austria. You could even compare it side-by-side with your favorite Pinot Noir. Prost!


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