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10 Rosés for the Summer: From Around the World

Two chilled glasses of rose wine being clinked for a toast.

Rosé and summer go together like mint and chocolate, refreshing and delightful. Rosé wines are made from red wine grapes that have been left on the grape skins for a very short period of time. This allows the wine to develop those beautiful pink colors.

By pulling the skins off early, the wine stays fresh and light without the dry tannin that is typically found in a true red wine. The result is a slight cross between a white wine and a red wine. Rosé captures the light crisp acidity of a white wine along with the red berry flavors of a red.

I’ve pulled together a line-up of Rosé wines that are perfect for picnics, affordable for your Wine Wednesdays, and even a few designed to impress. One quick shortcut to selecting a Rosé, if you are short on time and want to make sure you’re getting a fabulous Rosé, then select a bottle from Côtes de Provence France. Done!

Now if you want to try a variety of the pink stuff, I’ve got 10 Rosés from around the world that you’ll definitely want to check out. These are organized by price and all can be ordered on

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10 Rosés from Around the World

Bottle o La Playa Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Price: $8

Rating*: 91 (JS)

Closure: Screw top

This is your value play from Chile. How often do you see a wine with this kind of rating for a measly $8? Grab a case at this price point! Add the screw-top and this one is totally picnic-worthy.

Tasting Notes**: Floral notes with flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry. It’s a dry wine with a nice level of acidity, making it a refreshing Rose.

Bottle of Protocolo Rose

Price: $8

Rating: 91 (JS)

Closure: Cork

Another value play but from Spain this time. Again, a fantastic rating for a fabulous price. And these aren’t even sale prices. Another case grabber! Snatch it up before the summer is out!

Tasting Notes: Creamy with strawberry and apple notes. Medium-bodied and full of flavor.

Bottle and Can of Underwood Rose

Price: $13/bottle, $7/can

Rating: 88 (WE)

Closure: Screw top & Can

Have you tried canned wines yet? Underwood is a great brand whether in cans or bottles. Grab this one for your picnic. It’s easily portable and you don’t need a pesky wine opener. Although I’d recommend bringing some outdoor wine glasses because it will taste better than drinking from an aluminum can.

Tasting Notes: Notes of strawberry, ruby grapefruit, and apricot.

Bottle of Figuiere Cotes de Provence Signature Magali

Price: $15 (sale)

Rating: 92 (JS)

Closure: Cork

You can even find great value Rosé from the South of France. Regularly priced at $24, this is a super sale price to jump on now.

Tasting Notes: Wonderfully fragrant with notes of pears, grapefruit, and citrus. It’s full-bodied with cutting acidity.

Bottle and Can of Bonterra Rose

Price: $15/bottle, $18/4 pack of cans

Rating: 88 (WE)

Closure: Screw top, cans

Another Rosé that is perfect for a picnic. You’ve got options with these beautiful screw-top bottles or cans. The cans come in a 4-pack with each can equal to a half bottle of wine.

Tasting Notes: This is a fragrant wine with notes of pomegranate, red berries, and watermelon. It’s a dry Rosé with crisp acidity.

Bottle of Whispering Angel Rose

Price: $20 (sale)

Rating: 90 (WW)

Closure: Cork

This one is a favorite among our friends. One of them even keeps cases of this for sipping by the pool. It’s light and delicious.

Tasting Notes: Aromas and flavors of ripe strawberries and savory spices. It’s full, lush, and dry with a smooth finish.

Bottle of Ameztoi Txakolina Rose

Price: $24

Rating: n/a

Closure: Screw top

I’m throwing this one in there to shake things up. This is NOT your typical Rosé, but I love it! We tasted Txakolina, a Spanish style wine, at a friend’s wine tasting party and it was polarizing. Some loved it and some absolutely did not. It’s got an interesting minerality to it and a wonderful effervescence that makes it so refreshing. Venture out of your comfort zone and try this one. If you love it, you’ll be hooked like I am.

Tasting Notes: Pale pink with fine and elegant bubbles. Fine and sophisticated fragrance with notes of strawberry and citrus fruit.

Bottle of Minuty Rose

Price: $19 (on sale from $23)

Rating: n/a

Closure: Cork

This Rosé keeps popping up everywhere I look. It’s a must-try for the summer and it comes from Côtes de Provence, France. Love these tasting notes from the winemaker.

Tasting Notes: This is a premium Rosé. Fresh, lively and perfectly balanced, fantastic quality, a glass in hand transports you to the seaside and the French riviera lifestyle, watching the sea and the sky, surrounding yourself with friends and family, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Bottle of Jansz sparkling Rose

Price: $27

Rating: 92 (WW)

Closure: Cork

This sparkling Rosé comes from down under. How often do you get to taste a wine from Tasmania? This one is sure to impress. Stay tuned for a future post where we compare two different Tasmanian sparklings against a fancy French Champagne.

Tasting Notes: Unique and refined. Medium-body and bright with zest of life. Lively tart and ripe strawberry flavors.

Bottle of Argyle Brut Rose

Price: $42 (sale)

Rating: 92 (WW), 92 (WE)

Closure: Cork

This is a sparkling Rosé that is designed to impress. Argyle produces some of the best wine and sparklings out of Willamette Valley Oregon. They use the Pinot Noir grapes that grow so well in that area.

Tasting Notes: Stylish and beautiful sparkling wine. Notes of ripe strawberries, cherries, blood orange. Acidity punches it up with grapefruit and lemon rind.

Rosé Wrap Up

These 10 Rosés take you around the world. You’ve got options that are perfect for every day, as well as, options to impress. Rosé continues to have great pricing, even from the top Rosé region of Côtes de Provence, France. Enjoy your summer with some of these great selections. À votre santé! (To your health!)

*Tasting Notes are summarized from winemakers and/or wine critics.

**Ratings Key: JS (Jame Suckling), WW (Wilfred Wong), WE (Wine Enthusiast)


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