3 Things to Know about Australian Shiraz

Hand harvesting shiraz grapes. Man tossing bucket full of grapes into large transport bin.
Hand harvesting Shiraz grapes in Barossa Valley, Australia. Photo by: Michaelmajor

Australia is synonymous with Shiraz. It’s known for those big, bold, juicy red wines. The best part is that Australia produces high-quality Shiraz for reasonable prices. Now we can be high-class without emptying our wallets. Something I like.

#1 What Is Shiraz and What Does It Taste Like?

Shiraz is a black grape that grows best in moderate to warm climates. The warm climate in Australia produces full-bodied wines with high levels of tannin and acidity. These wines have high alcohol content and flavors of cooked black fruit. These are some of the biggest, boldest wines that you’ll find.

#2 What Australian Shiraz Regions Are the Best?

Shiraz is the most widely planted grape variety in Australia. For inexpensive Shiraz look for South Eastern Australia on the label. This means the grapes were sourced from across the region.

Australian Map identifying best regions for Shiraz.

For great quality Shiraz, look for these regions on the label:

Barossa Valley, in Southern Australia, is one of the best regions for old vine Shiraz. This translates to concentrated wines with robust flavors of cooked black fruit with a full-body and high-levels of tannins.

Clare Valley, in Southern Australia, is home to many boutique wineries. The wines are medium- to full-bodied with cooked black fruit flavors.

Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, enjoys a moderate climate. This means the wines aren’t as bold as those from Southern Australia. You can expect fresh black fruit flavors with medium- to high levels of tannins and medium body.

Margaret River, in Western Australia, offers more of the big bold Shiraz. These are full-bodied wines with cooked black fruit flavors and aromas.

#3 What Shiraz Brands to Try?

All of these wines are highly rated, while still at very affordable prices.