4 Ways To Experience Wine & Build Your Knowledge

Updated: May 19, 2020

Couple tasting wine at a wine tasting event.

There are unlimited ways to experience wine these days because it’s so popular. And the more ways you can experience wine, the more you will learn about it and probably the more excited you’ll get about wine. That is definitely the case for me.

These 4 ways to experience wine are fantastic ways to learn, to meet other wine lovers, and to keep you moving on your wine journey.

Experience #1: Select & Taste Wine at Home

This is one of the best ways to learn about wine. Just through the process of setting up your own tasting, you will learn more than if a tasting is set up for you. They say you learn more by teaching. It’s the same thing.

I’ve put together many tastings ranging from big parties to small gatherings, to just me tasting and learning. For each tasting, you need to identify the approach. Is the focus going to be on comparing different types of wine like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay? Or will it be focused on one type of wine like Pinot Noir from different regions?

It depends on what you want to learn. By comparing different types of wine, you get a better sense of the differences between each type and which you like best. By tasting wine from different regions, you get a sense of the nuances between regions. You also start to learn quite a bit about the wine regions and what makes them special.

Just by going through this process of identifying the wine tasting approach you will become so much more involved and learn much more about the wine you end up tasting. It’s one of the best ways to experience wine.

Experience #2: Attend a Tasting Event

Where else are so many bottles of wine open and ready for you to taste than at a wine tasting event. This could be an organized event that you pay to attend or it could be a free tasting at your local wine or liquor store.

I’ve attended several at my local wine store for free. Where else can you try such a wide variety of wine at a range of price points? And you get the company reps telling you the history of the winery, the wine profiles, how the wine was produced. You get a great amount of information from attending these events. Then if any of the wines really stand out to you, just pick up a few bottles and you’ve got some great options for your next gathering.

Because there are so many wines to try at these events, there are several different strategies you can take. You could stick to reds or focus on sparkling wines. At one of the tastings, one of the attendees asked the wine reps which was their favorite and would try that one. Another great approach.