Best Summer Wine Tasting Themes

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Overhead view of many glasses of rose wine at wine tasting.

Energize your next party with these creative wine tasting themes. It’s a great way to keep learning about wine and having some creative fun at the same time. And your friends will love it!

I know! I know! You're probably thinking "Party? Now?!" With a little bit of thought, any of these tasting themes can be set up in a safe way with social distancing. They are all geared for summer with the outdoors being the event space. Invite just a few friends and incorporate some of these fun ideas.

These wine themes focus on a particular style of wine and then you'll compare and contrast by region or production style.

1. A Rosé by Any Other Name…

  • Warm weather and sunshine are all about the blush wine. So beautiful and very popular. Wine producers have quite a variety to explore.

2. White Party

  • Sip on a variety of refreshing white wine and don your summer whites while doing it.

3. Bursting Bubbles

  • What better way to celebrate summer than with the bubbles in sparkling wine / Champagne.

4. Summer Evening Reds

  • Light reds are the perfect way to enjoy a summer evening.

I’ve found some great wine recommendations and accessories to help kick off your party with fun and flair! Believe me, I learned my lesson with wine tasting parties. I served white wine that got warm, appetizers that didn’t pair right, you name it. We still had fun, but I’ve learned and improved. Check out these recommendations to help you whip up a fabulous party.

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A Rosé by Any Other Name…

There’s nothing better than sipping on a refreshing Rosé in the summer. The beautiful pink colors of the wine will add elegance to this party. You’ll have an easy time finding Rosé because all the stores have big selections for the summer.