Amazing Women and Their Inspiring Quotes about Wine

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Wine Inspiration to Celebrate Women. Quote 1: The wine -- it made her limbs loose and liquid. Quote 2: Language is wine upon the lips. Quote 3: Wine: When not treated with reasonable respect it will sicken and die.

Let’s celebrate women in wine during this month dedicated to women with some classy wine quotes from some classy women!

I’ve assembled some quotes from women who have been inspired by wine in one way or another. These women critique the wine, write about it, cook with it, or just plain enjoy it. The one thing that is clear, they are drawn to wine as more than a passing fancy. Their inspiration for wine is apparent in these quotes they’ve shared.

Quotes from Women Who Write about Wine

Quote from Leslie Sbrocco, Wine Expert: Pinot Noir. it's silky, sleek, sexy - the same feeling you get when slipping into a satin nightgown.

How is wine like your wardrobe? Leslie Sbrocco, Wine Expert, makes some fun comparisons that really ring true.

“Chardonnay: Wine’s basic black. What’s not to love about black? It’s classy, slimming – and you keep buying more…”

“Sauvignon Blanc: The crisp white shirt. An impeccably pressed white shirt under a jacket or atop a pair of jeans is the fashion equivalent of Sauvignon Blanc. ”

“Pinot Noir: Sexy Satin. Pinot Noir is my favorite red. It’s silky, sleek, sexy – the same feeling you get when slipping into a satin nightgown.”

- Leslie Sbrocco, Wine Expert,

Kirsten Georgi is The Armchair Sommelier. She started blogging because of her love of wine.

“I fell in love with wine over a quarter-century ago (wait, that makes me sound really old, let’s just go with over 2o years ago), and I have never fallen out of love. Every bottle of wine (even the pink one that tastes like Capri-Sun) is an opportunity to learn something. But wine is only part of the learning. Along t