Learn Wine Basics with These Online Courses

Updated: May 19, 2020

Evaluation of 5 online wine courses taught by experts that will help you learn the basics of wine. These courses are perfect for wine novices and enthusiasts.

Couple watching laptop with glasses of red wine next to them.

There comes a point in every wine journey when you just want to have better knowledge about wine. You want to have confidence in selecting wine at the store or in a restaurant without being so overwhelmed. You want to confidently pair your wine with food for your dinner parties to wow your guests.

I get it because I’ve been there too. I’ve got 5 great wine courses that will help you build that foundational knowledge so that you can be a Wine Boss!

I’ve evaluated these 5 wine courses so that you can choose the best one given the time and cost commitment, and level of information you’ll receive. You can take all of this into consideration, given where you are on your wine journey.

Affiliate links are included for a couple of the courses. If you click on a link and make a purchase, Common Grape will earn a small amount. Your cost is the same with or without the link. Enjoy!

Jancis Robinson’s Shortcuts to Success

You can’t go wrong with investing the $10 sale price on this course. It gives a fantastic introduction and overview to learn wine basics. In just a short time you’ll gain great knowledge about what makes wine special, how to taste wine, resources to help you purchase a great wine, and more.

Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, with a glass of red wine.

The course is taught by Jancis Robinson who is a Master of Wine, a British Wine Critic, and she advises the Queen as a member of the Royal Household Wine Committee. How cool is that?! You know she has to have impeccable taste for pairing food with fabulous wine if she’s advising the Queen.

The course is very much geared towards the wine novice and enthusiast. It includes quizzes along the way to test what you’ve just learned which actually makes it fun and interactive.