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9 Best Wine Tools Every Wine Lover Should Have

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

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If you enjoy wine, serve wine, and entertain with wine, then these 9 tools are a must! I’ve tried so many different kinds of wine tools and sometimes you just have to find what works for you. These wine tools are the ones I love and use ALL the time!

Affiliate links are included for your convenience. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll earn a small amount. Your cost is the same with or without the link. Enjoy!

1) Rabbit Wine Opener

There are all kinds of wine openers out there. The one I like the absolute best is the Rabbit Wine Opener. It’s a heavy-duty opener, but it’s fantastic. Super easy to use and if you are opening several bottles for a gathering or tasting it’s really easy to get the bottles opened quickly. Find out more in this post: Tips and Tools for Opening Wine.

Rabbit wine opener and wine preserving kit.

This Rabbit Corkscrew Kit includes quite a few helpful tools, like a foil cutter, wine pourer/stopper, champagne/wine stopper, wax wacker (for wax-dipped bottles). All-in-all a great value for about $50 from Sur la Table.

2) Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses

I love our stemless Riedel wine glasses. Don’t get me wrong. Stemmed wine glasses are the ultimate, but we have broken so many of them that we’ve resorted to the stemless and they work perfectly. We even have Riedel stemless champagne flutes that have an engraved circle in the bottom center of the glass so that the bubbles stream up from that point.

We have 2 types of white wine glass shapes. One type for light-bodied wine like Sauvignon Blanc. Another shape for full-bodied wine like Chardonnay.

We also have 2 types of red wine glass shapes. One shape for full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon. A second shape for light-bodied reds like Pinot Noir.

These stemless glasses in the different shapes are fantastic and they are designed to bring out the best in each type of wine, but they aren’t totally necessary.

Here are 2 simple wine glass options.

  1. If you are just getting started with wine, then one universally shaped wine glass that works with both reds and whites is all you need.

  2. If you enjoy both red and white wine, then consider investing in a universal white wine glass and a universally sized red wine glass.

Find out more in this post: How to Choose the Right Wine Glass.

These Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses are just the ticket. Find a variety at Sur La Table.

Spiegalau Universal wine glass

Find these beautifully shaped Spiegalau Universal White and Red Wine Glasses at and you won’t spend a fortune.

3) Decanter

Decanters are so important when opening a full-bodied, tannic red like a Cab. It makes a nice presentation at dinner too. There are so many artistic style decanters that are conversation starters, but we prefer our simple design that is super easy to use and clean up. We also have a totally inexpensive stand where we place the decanter to dry and we leave it there for storage.

I think that’s definitely the key to using a decanter. If it’s easy to use, clean up, and store, then you will actually use it otherwise it will just end up gathering dust. Find out more in this post: How to Decant Wine.

Wine Decanter

This Classic Decanter is the one we use and is very easy to use and clean. It goes for $30 at Sur la Table.

4) Wine Chiller

A wine chiller is a must. We have a few of them. Our favorite is a stainless steel chiller because it stays chilled longer than other materials. We keep it in our freezer, then when we are ready to have our wine, our chiller is ready to go. And the stainless steel gives an extra touch of class while being completely functional.

Wine Chiller

This Viski Convex Double Walled Wine Chiller will keep your wine cold while looking classy. It goes for about $60 at

5) Wine Glass Writers

Wine charms really add a lot of personality and fun to the experience. We have several sets for stemmed glasses, but I have to say the way they slide around is a bit annoying. Instead, we use wine glass writers. They are colorful markers that you can use to write or draw on the side of your wine glass. It washes right off so easily. Again, super easy to use and doesn’t get in the way.

I even find it helpful to use these markers when just my husband and I are enjoying wine, because he is always losing his glass and ending up with mine! Hands off bub!

Wine glass writer

This set of 3 Wine Glass Writers is great for stemmed and stemless wine glasses, doesn’t get in the way like other charms, and washes off easily. They can be found at Sur la Table for about $10.

6) Wine Pouring Spout & Aerator

These are a great easy way to pour and aerate at the same time. And if you don’t plan to finish the bottle, then the remaining wine will stay fresher since the entire thing hasn’t been aerated.

Wine pouring spout and aerator

This combo Wine Pourer & Aerator keeps your wine dripless and adds oxygen to open it up as you pour. It can be found at Sur la Table for $15.

7) Wine Aerator

This leads us to our next item. There are so many aerators now, but my favorite is still the Venturi. It’s extremely easy to use and clean up. For extra quick decanting, we’ve even set the Venturi on top of our decanter and poured the wine through that way.

It’s pretty cool to see the difference between wine that is just poured straight into a glass versus wine that has been aerated by the Venturi. There is definitely a difference.

Wine aerator

Venturi, the ultimate aerator. It’s easy to use, clean up, and take with you. Find it at Sur la Table for $30.

8) Vacuum Wine Stoppers

These wine stoppers are fantastic. When you aren’t going to finish a bottle and you need to keep your wine fresh for another day or two, the vacuum wine stoppers are the perfect way to store opened wine. And they are really inexpensive. All you need is a stopper and the hand vacuum pump. Just pump out the oxygen and put your wine bottle in the fridge until the next evening. It really does a great job of keeping wine fresh.

Vacuum Wine Stoppers

This Wine Pump Set is so easy to use and truly keeps your wine fresh. Find it at Sur la Table for $12.

9) Savino

Another product I can’t live without is the Savino. This contraption is genius. It comes in glass or plastic and you just pour your wine into the Savino.

The genius is in the float that literally floats on top of the wine and seals out any oxygen. The Savino also has a lid that is screwed on. All you need to do is unscrew the lid and pour the wine from the Savino. The float allows the wine to pour out of the Savino when it’s held at an angle. It seals off the oxygen when it’s upright. The container is very easy to hold and use.

Love this option for storing wine and it keeps wine fresh for up to a week!

Savino wine preserver.

Savino is a genius product that seals out oxygen, keeping your wine fresh for up to a week. Found at and sells for $30 (plastic version) and $50 (glass).

9 Best Wine Tools Wrap Up

There are so many wine tools and gadgets out there that I could keep going, but these are the absolute best tools to have on hand. All the rest of the tools out there are just a bonus. Hopefully, you’ve found a few that will make your wine prepping, pouring, serving, and storing a little bit easier!


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